Our Vision

People are our most valuable asset.


High Values is a Human Resources education and support organization that focuses the cannabis industry’s greatest asset: our people.

It was people who grew the cannabis industry. People who fought for their right to medicate with a healing plant, at a time deemed unlawful. People who advocated for medical patients. Passionate, creative, and talented people.

And together we have the power to transform this industry into something truly special.

High Values celebrates all people working in the cannabis industry as equal contributors, working towards mutual success. We recognize and salute actions taken by cannabis companies and leaders to make the workplace safe, inclusive, and responsibly productive.

High Values was inspired by several non-violent civil rights and gender equality movements. We are driven by human rights based values. And we have a strong and straight-forward business case to support the cause.

The world is watching the Canadian cannabis industry. What message are we sending the world about how we conduct our business? Consider the possibility that where talent, passion, and high values exist, profits can also exist.

We are ready to align with the employees, companies, leaders, and partners who are dedicating to fostering a healthy and inclusive cannabis workplace.

The time is now. Unemployment is at an all-time low in Canada, which means that anything less doesn’t cut it.


Erin Gratton, CHRL
Founder, High Values

Cannabis gender equality and non-binary LGBTQI+