International Women's Day High Values Campaign 2019

International Women’s Day: Best Practices Competition

Participation Details

High Values has been approved by the International Women’s Day (IWD) organization to compete in the 2019 #BalanceforBetter Best Practices Competition. In entering this competition, it’s our intention to proudly celebrate women’s achievements in Canadian cannabis, worldwide. 


This statement, created by Bianca Sprague CEO of bebo mia, is being applied to the High Values campaign:
*We use the term ‘women’ in our mission and throughout some of our values work. We define women as women-identified, femme-presenting, two-spirited, genderqueer, trans-inclusive, gender-non-conforming, androgynous, agender, intersex, bigender, gender questioning, gender fluid, butch, non-binary, queer positive or any person that would like to be included in this definition.

Reference hyperlinked sources for more information on: what these terms mean and the impact of gender-neutral language.

Three Ways to Join the Collective IWD Cannabis Campaign

Send us a brief submission to recognize the achievements of a woman, or women, in cannabis. All genders are welcome to send a submission, and we welcome self-submissions and submissions from leaders and allies. Our goal is to demonstrate just how much support Canadian cannabis can bring to celebrate women’s achievements.

Considerations before you send: High Values recognizes the contributions of all women and we see this as a critical element for gender equality. Submissions for women of colour, indigenous, LGBTTQQ2SIA folx, and other vulnerable groups of people will be given first priority. We encourage all applicants to think outside of their immediate professional network. For example, there are many vocal disabled women advocating on behalf of medical cannabis patients and seldom get the spotlight for their cannabis advocacy. *See Consent below

Multiple submissions: In the nature of diversity and inclusion, each contributor may be limited to three submissions (unless for an identified marginalized group). While High Values is entering into a competition, this is NOT a vote-based system.

Consent: If the person you’re nominating isn’t public about their role with cannabis, or if you’re unsure if IWD aligns with their beliefs, we encourage you to gain consent prior to submission. This can be as simple as a message saying, “Hey! I want to recognize you for International Women’s Day but I’m not sure you’re into it. Here’s the link to the campaign. Are you ok with this?”

Instagram: Starting March 8th, post a story on Instagram recognizing a woman, or women’s overall efforts, in cannabis for their achievements. Add #BalanceforBetter and tag @highvalueshr. High Values will re-post tagged stories in our Instagram stories. (Refer to Considerations below)

*In the event that any person who’s been nominated signals that they want to be removed from the campaign, we will immediately oblige without hesitation.

The following will be produced to publicly share our collective contributions and included in the IWD campaign:

  • Individuals: A video reel of submissions will be compiled and submitted with the IWD Best Practice competition package. If High Values wins, deliverables may be used as part of a worldwide IWD case study best practices on how Canadian cannabis collectively celebrates women’s achievements.. *Expressed consent will be sought prior to including in competition package.

  • Cannabis companies: High Values will release an article highlighting cannabis company submissions to showcase how organizations celebrate IWD or work to progress gender balance and inclusion in their organization. The article will be included with the High Values IWD Best Practice competition package to present the collective effort made by cannabis companies. *Expressed consent will be sought prior to including in competition package.

  • NFPs/Advocacy Groups: High Values will release an article highlighting advocacy group submissions celebrating IWD and/or the work they do to improve gender inclusion and gender inclusion in cannabis. This article will be included with the High Values IWD Best Practice competition package to present the collective advocacy efforts across Canada in cannabis. *Expressed consent will be sought prior to including in competition package.

More information on how to run an IWD campaign (including gaining logo rights and entering the competition), here.