All cannabis businesses are welcome.


The High Values people movement is not an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Employees are seeking healthy and rewarding opportunities at Canadian cannabis companies of all shapes and sizes.

The business case: As of December 2018, Canada’s unemployment rate dipped to a new all-time low. Stats Canada reported in the Labour Force Survey that, “Women of core working-age are leading employment growth.

What does this mean for employers?

  • There are more jobs available to employees than were available in previous years. Employees have some choice.

  • Employers need to work harder to attract top talent; primarily women. It is strategic recruitment to attract as many candidates, as possible, which requires a comprehensive understanding and approach to diversity.

  • Employees want to work for companies that provide safe, inclusive, and meaningful employment.

Today’s employees are tomorrow’s leaders. Participate in the High Values program to signal that your organization is THE place to work.

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Workplace Education

High Values education promotes a safe, inclusive, and thriving workplace. This program provides organizations with a structured program that suits any size and type of cannabis company.

High Values provides cannabis companies with action-oriented education. Participation in the program is not a passive learning experience. It promotes healthy discussions around critical and relevant workplace issues, such as sexual harassment, gender equality, being a workplace ally, and creating healthy and safe environments.

“Completion” isn’t a word used in the High Values education program because learning and growth are continual. Involvement in the High Values education program signals to current and potential employees that human-focused values are a priority at your company.

Offsite Human Resources Support

Implementing workplace policies and programs can be challenging. High Values offers outsourced Human Resources services and support, including but not limited to:

  • Policy review and creation (harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination, workplace violence, inclusion, etc)

  • Third-party neutral HR support for managers and employees related to harassment, discrimination, and workplace accommodations

  • Complaint handling on behalf of companies, in accordance with provincial legislation

  • Outsourced new employee onboarding and orientation

  • Defining company culture and values

Action-Based Recognition

Whether your company is new or well established, your active involvement in living human-focused values is needed now in the cannabis industry. High Values sees the potential for the Canadian cannabis industry to be the most desired place to work, globally.

High Values celebrates the successes of employees, leaders, and companies participating in this program. We recognize and celebrate action.


High Values brings one perspective to the cannabis industry on a very complex issue. We recognize there are many moving parts, and others who are working in a similar direction for equality, advocacy and in other elements of Human Resources.

High Values intends to compliment and support current HR, gender-equality, and leadership oriented cannabis organizations. We have a shared vision and dream, and we all bring a unique perspective forth.