High Values

Calling on the cannabis industry to demonstrate high human values at work. 


What we offer and what we believe will lead to mutual success in cannabis…

High Values - Human Resources education for cannabis companies

Workplace Education

High Values education promotes a safe, inclusive, and thriving workplace.

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High Values - Human Resources support for cannabis companies

Offsite Human Resources Support

High Values offers support services to help cannabis organizations of all sizes to implement policies, programs, and employee support.

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High Values - Human Resources education and support for cannabis companies

Action-Based Recognition

High Values celebrates the human-focused successes of employees, leaders, and companies. We recognize action.

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High Values - Human Resources education for cannabis companies. Focusing on gender equality, sexual harassment, and anti-discrimination


High Values intends to compliment and support the current gender and leadership oriented cannabis organizations. We have a shared vision and dream, and we all bring a unique perspective to the table.

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Today’s employees.
Tomorrow’s leaders.



Help promote change.

High Values is in its infancy. We’re looking for partnerships to help us gain momentum on the mission. Get in touch if you’re interested in helping in any way.